Expert Plumbing & Heating Repair in New Mexico

Common Problems and Solutions

Q: Low water pressure to only one fixture in the home?
A: Try cleaning out the faucet aerator, it could have built up debris clogging it.

Q: Dirty colored water?
A: Open up bathtub valve and flush, it could possibly be the result of the city working in the street, allowing dirt to enter the main water supply.

Q: Why is my toilet running constantly?
A: Check the flapper, it may need to be replaced.

Q: Why is my toilet is filling slowly and/or loudly?
A: The fill valve may need to be replaced.

Q: Why is my disposal jammed, but the sink is not clogged?
A: Try hitting the reset button on the garbage disposal unit under the sink, the unit might have been “tripped”.

Q: Why is water leaking from the evaporative air conditioner overnight when the unit is off?
A: Try adjusting the water float in the cooler.

Q: Why is my heater not coming on or why is the thermostat not working?
A: Try replacing the batteries in the thermostat.

Q: How can I save energy or gas consumption when I am out of town?
A: Adjust the gas valve to “vacation” or “low”.

Q: The temperature is going to be below freezing tonight, how can I protect my pipes?
A: Allow a faucet to drip overnight to keep the water flowing inside your pipes. Additionally, leave your cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate.

Q: What is the best thing to do to keep my home cool with an evaporative cooler?
A: Keep windows and doors open to push out the “wet” air to allow more air flow circulation.

Q: What can I do to cool down quickly with an evaporative air conditioner?
A: Adding ice to the evaporative air conditioner unit can cool the water quickly, resulting in cooler air.
Preventative Maintenance Tips
  • Changing the filters every 3 months on the heater or air conditioner can extend the life of the unit.
  • Flush your tank type water heater at least once a year.
  • Change water filters if equipped.
  • Install water softener to help plumbing fixtures last longer.
  • If you have a septic tank, use RidX or similar product to extend the life of the unit.
  • You can save on heating and cooling costs by increasing/decreasing your thermostat by just two degrees.
  • Remove your garden hose in the fall from the hose bibb spigot to reduce the possibility of the pipe freezing.